Every story is fantasy weaving truth into fiction.
This ezine is dedicated to the Fantasy Genre:
modern day faerie tales where mortals fall in love
sailors’ hearts; mortals finding themselves
becoming vampires or werewolves, or finding
themselves entering new impossible worlds co-
existing beside our own; worlds of fantastic
realities ripped open within characters’ minds.
Intermingling within Liquid Imagination is emotion
with the target being awe—and if we miss the
target perhaps we may come close.

Surrealism and magical realism are abundant here,
and the stories posted  take place in our modern
world. Our goal is to create fantasy so realistic you
feel it plausible.  We want you entertained, to feel a
need to continue reading in order to enter into this
fantasy world… if only for a while.
Liquid Imagination flows through the art posted here
as well as the stories and poems. Bram Stoker
Fran Friel Interview!  Artist Nene Thomas
James Morrow Interview coming for issue
no. 2!  We are endeavoring to bridge the gap between
words and artwork, melding a new type of art:

Can you hear me?

Good.  I've been trying
to reach you for quite
some time.

I'm Sophia, the Muse.

Listen... we don't have
much time.  I don't know
how long I'll have your
ear before the world's
distractions steal you
away from me.

I need you.

And you need me.