Liquid Imagination
Volume One, Issue Two
What is Liquid Imagination?  Is it one's imagination liquefied?  Is it creativity
without restriction?  Perhaps the picture above best shows the artistic rendering of
Liquid Imagination.
But how do we put it in words?  How best to describe what Liquid Imagination is?  
Perhaps the best way is to listen to Liquid Imagination itself as it spills through the
creative mind of Brent A. Millirans in his poem
It Is What It Is:
You hear it a lot, it is what it is
but what if it was what it isn't?
Could it be if it was, it would be
what it couldn't and then it may
not be at all?

Certainly, it could have been as if
it were certain, if it were what it
was, you see. But uncertain it may be
and could it have been as if it were
not at all?

Would it were that it was, could it
be that it wasn't for then if it
isn't could it be that it's not?
If it certainly seems that it was
what it wasn't it could be that it
certainly is.

So next when you hear, it is what it is
ask "are you certain that it wasn't?"
and then once again would it were that
it was can you prove it is what it
It Is What It Is
by Brent A. Millirans
the Caves of your Imagination