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Super Writer!
Interview with Jason Hughes

by Sue Babcock

The term "liquid imagination" denotes imagination that liquefies, that fits the need of the moment, becoming exactly what is needed at that specific moment in time. It can be a horror story, a love story, or perhaps a humorous article. Can you explain how creativity initially sparks for you? From the moment inspiration hits, to getting the story written, and finally working that story into a polished piece of fiction that makes you proud-how does it work for you?

My main inspiration is horror. The rest depends on which story. Some have been inspired by actual events (such as hauntings. I just stretch the fictional boundary to its extreme). Others are sometimes pulled out of thin air. Stephen King is (and has always been) my favorite writer. I try to have in-depth characters, but I like to keep my stories somewhat reality based. They may be very far fetched reality that could never happen... but most of them I try to keep in that realm of realism. I only have one novel so far that is brutal fiction all the way around. They are all fiction, but by "brutal," I mean something that just does not exist. All of my other stories could possibly happen, but more than likely not to. I try to put many plot twists within each of them. Others have happened somewhere at some time. Also, horror movie imagery is a big mentally visual influence. I want the reader to almost feel like they are watching... or better yet, living in a horror film with the visual descriptions. True Crime is a big inspiration as well. The writings of Mara Leveritt (critically acclaimed, award winning Author of Devil's Knot, about the West Memphis Three, which I am a huge supporter of) are also an inspiration. In the future, I want to write some kind of fictional court horror/drama as well. Although it will be fictional, I want it to feel non-fictional to the reader.

People wear "social masks" in our society today, brought on by social conditioning-trying to be the loyal son, the ultimate lover, the crazy friend or tough guy. A priest enters a room and the teenagers stop talking about sex, putting on their "church masks" (if they're religious). That's just one example, but there are others, such as you giving a "plastic smile" to a co-worker when you're late for a lunch date with someone important to you. What "personas" or masks do you wear? What fictional character have you created that best shows these differing personas?

Honestly, none at all. I do not subscribe to that belief or point of view and I ( hate to sound condescending to others in any way, but) look down on those who do. I think you should always be yourself, no matter who you are in the presence of. I know many people that wear many masks and it truly makes me sick. I am a very honest person and I find that as lies in another form. To me, white lies are just as bad. Several white lies add up to be one big, black hole of untruthful nothingness that will eventually hurt those around the guilty party and push everyone away, which in turn will hurt the liar, themselves. I know many people like this and I try to disassociate myself with them the best that I can. I am not religious and have no problem whatsoever telling a priest my beliefs... A priest of any kind. I've had others try to "show me to the light" and I tell them they are wasting their time. As far as co-workers, the same thing goes for them. I have worked customer service and of course you have to be mice to the customers, but I can be nice while still being myself. I consider myself as mostly a nice person. I am sometimes pushed to hateful degrees, but I think we all have them inside of us. With some, it takes a little harder to pry that part out of them. If I am wrong in a situation(such as the lunch date scenario), I always tell them that I was wrong and I apologize. I hate it when someone can't live up to their own actions or responsibilities. Because of most of the people I know from my area, I do not give second chances. I hear one story after another from them. Different excuses for the same action. It gets very old. I know who my true friends are now, because they actually try not to push me away. They know it will be the one, only and final time. As far as those go around me, I fully trust no one, but my family. Ha! As far as a fictional characters go that I have based from myself (I know a lot of writers do that, Mr. King included... and quite often) I don't for the most part. If any of my characters were based off of myself, I would be in prison. I have one character in one novel that is being shopped around now called WITHOUT NOTICE: The Final Evictions of Graywall Monument that was inspired loosely by a situation with a friend. One character in that novel is based off of myself (his name is Josh), but he does not make it out alive.

Have you "the Writer" managed to bring all your "selves" (masks/personalities) together, integrating them into one cohesive and harmonious person?

Hehe. No. I couldn't actually bring myself to kill someone (even though I feel like I want to sometimes, I know better). Most of the main characters in my stories (sometimes, multiple characters) thrive on it, unless they are the victims. I guess I this would be a good time to quote Stephen King,"If I wasn't writing about such horrific things, I'd probably be out doing them." That statement, with myself, is not altogether true... but with a few people (mostly ex friends, and an ex-girlfriend) that I have made contact with throughout the years, that would indeed be the case.

What work of art still has an impact on you (any art, novel, short story, prose, poem)? Do you feel it has embedded into your subconscious, becoming a framework you unconsciously build upon without thinking about it? Or does your art flow out of you without any undue influence from outside yourself?

No. I try to make the main core of each and every individual story very different. I would hate to be too repetitive. Then most would say, "same old story, same old song and dance" about my writing and I'm guessing my fan base would steadily decrease. I try to give each story, be it novel, novella or short story, a different solid backbone. Some may have similar or maybe some of the same elements in them, which brings us to the next question...

Compare all your stories. Are there repetitive themes? Similar characters? Plots or monsters? What are they?

Going back to the major True Crime influence, I guess serial killers would be a reoccurring theme in at least five of my stories... four novels and one short story. Still, the serial killer is not the main character. My first novel, H(D)eadlines, is the only story with a serial killer as the main focal point. The other four just have this approach as a tiny element of the story. Not the major element or focal point by any means. I like for my stories to be extremely different for the most part, which they are... Completely different in subject matter. I also like to mention real life people in my fiction, such as Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer or even the (INNOCENT) West Memphis three. I mention one of the attorneys from the WM3 case as well... Just to bring my fictional stories a little closer to home on a reality basis. I think when you read a fictional story with names you already know or have heard, it hits a little closer to home. It almost feels as if the story itself were true. Again, this is somewhat influenced by Stephen King. In his writings, he mentions certain songs or bands that we all know and love. I incorporate this factor as well, just not in the same way (I don't want to rip the dude off). I mention songs (without putting the titles or name of the band, such as Mr. King). The only novel/story that any names are actually mentioned is H(D)eadlines, In which the main character, Howard, compares Marilyn Manson to Alice Cooper, GWAR and KISS, to portray the fact that what MM is doing now is old and has been done for decades... and is a worn out shock tactic. In a way, it's a blast at Marilyn M.(personally, I can't stand the dude), but one that had to be done. I have one story, a two part novel due out next year, called The Thirteenth Toll of Twelve Dark Chimes, that mentions the main character from H(D)eadlines in the newspaper... That is all though, and he is only mentioned briefly. None of my other stories mention any of the same characters from the previous. H(D)eadlines and The Thirteenth Toll of Twelve Dark Chimes take place one state apart, so it's regional news. Both are two totally different entities.

Tell us about your concept of not just scaring readers, but SCARRING them with your horror.

Yes... I don't want to write something that the reader or viewer (I also have an agented screenplay for a prequel to The Amityville Horror called 112 Ocean Avenue, about the Defeo family. It is entirely a stand alone from the Amityville series and based entirely on fact) will soon forget. I want it to stick with them for months or maybe even years. If it is by shocking, disturbing, sickening, or just making them feel unsettled and dirty after reading or viewing. Some of my stories are pretty extreme and some, I hope to manage this concept without the usage of extremity. With that being said, my work is also not straight shock value for the sake of shocking the reader. Some are deeply emotional and dramatic. WITHOUT NOTICE: The Final Evictions of Graywall Monument is really not all out Horror. It's more Mystery/ Suspense. The final chapter is where the extreme horror and depravity creep up on the reader. H(D)eadlines and The Thirteenth Toll of Twelve Dark Chimes have a strong element of family drama to them. 112 Ocean Avenue is entirely a brutal family drama, which (for those who know the story) ends in horror. NIGHTSHOCKS: Flashes of the Macabre, my anthology, on the other hand... is mostly pure shock value. Although, I always try to write a stable story with solid characterization as apposed to shock for the sake of shock. I love the extreme, but believe that if it does not have a solid basis or believable characters... it usually fails to entertain and grows stagnant after a while. In the long run, that is my motive... to entertain, but in a shocking approach. Two things I can absolutely promise... There is no (and will ever be) comic relief... and no happy endings. To all fans of Horror, you have my word. Usually, my method of operation is not to completely gross out... but to (twenty five percent) pull at the readers' or viewers' heartstrings, (twenty five percent) turn the stomach, (twenty five percent) assault the senses and (twenty five percent) fuck the mind. An all around good Horror story (to me,) has to do all four with a good story and solid characterization intact as well. I am happy with the collective reviews that I have received so far. A little of all four have been mentioned with both screenplays (112 Ocean Avenue and Christine II: Immortal Fury) and all short stories and novels that have been reviewed.

Do you write their own stories? Or do the stories write themselves? And do you have to get out of the way of the story wanting to be told, or do you feel you need to master your muse and force inspiration to obey?

A little bit of both. Sometimes, when I force inspiration, I get brain freezes (or "Writer's block"). Maybe I think too hard, I'm not sure, hehe. Usually when I don't think and just write, it comes out full flow. Then again, sometimes when I think about it before hand, and then start to write... It comes out pretty easily as well. If I have to sit there and think of a certain inspiration, I'm usually sitting there for a while... in a literary rut of creativity. Some of the ruts start to deepen into waiting, open graves... but I always dig myself out before I get too deep. Caffeine, constant background music and a certain gift from mother nature usually keeps my mind flowing with fresh ideas. Two of the largest inspirations to keep going are my parents and close friends. They are proud of me and I find that satisfying. The publisher that I edit for and the swell reviews I have received help out as well.

What is your greatest triumph with your art (writing, artwork, painting, poetry, film, etc.). What is your greatest failure?

"Greatest failure," hehe. The infrequently used oxymoron. I have had many as far as triumphs. With poetry, I had three of my poems published as a teenager, one of which was turned into audio form. It was crazy hearing someone say what I wrote aloud. I also play the drums, make t-shirts and do Special Effects. With the drumming, I've opened for (and partied with) some of my favorite bands and idols, such as Goatwhore, Skinless and Prophecy. I've done a mini-tour of Texas and Louisiana, which was a blast and somewhat got to record a few demos. As far as Special Effects, I've worked with and learned from my lifelong idol, Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Friday the 13th, Deranged and Maniac). I worked in his haunted attraction two years in a row and on one film with him. Not to mention seeing and talking to him almost everyday for over a year. In his haunted attraction, I actually scared him (and his daughter) to the point of jumping. That was an honor in itself. He has done the same for so many over the years with his mastery of the grotesque. I also got to meet many Horror icons such as Gunnar Hansen ( Leatherface of the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Bill Moseley (Chop-Top of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Otis Driftwood of House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects) Tony Todd (Candyman), Doug Bradley (Pinhead) Robert Englund ( the one and only Freddy Krueger), George Romero (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, etc.) and almost everyone that has played Jasson Voorhees (of the Friday the 13th franchise). I also still see Tom Savini sometimes when he comes to Texas. I can say we are actually friends now. We talk for a bit when we get the chance. I also met and was taught by Dick Smith (Special Effects for The Exorcist and Dark Shadows) and Greg Necaterro of the infamous KNB Effects.

With my t-shirt company, Casual-Tees-Clothing: Avengers of the First Amendment, I have sold products to the original "Scream Queen," Linnea Quigley. Also, I sell t-shirts to support The West Memphis Three. Two of the convicted mens' parents own my shirt, two of the murder vicitms' parents that now support the men in prison own my shirts and have worn them on the news and the wife and sister of one of the convicted own one as well. This is also how I got to meet my second favorite Author (of True Crime), Mara Leveritt. We too are good friends now and talk pretty frequently. She also has a quote on my book coming out, which is a huge honor.

With the writing, the above mentioned probably takes the cake. A quote on my book by Mara Leveritt, an idol of mine. Plus the good reviews received so far... I don't want to sound redundant by mentioning that again, but it is a major accomplishment to me. Lastly (but certainly not least) as far as writing, just seeing my books on Amazon, Barnes&noble, Books-A-Million, Target and Tower (among over thirty other site, worldwide and in different languages) is a high that is somewhat hard to wrap my head around at times. I plan for many others to reach this status as well.

As far as failures go, I guess (besides my love life, ha) not choosing the right company to send my first novel to. I won't mention their name (Cacoethes), but I signed with them a year ago and have heard nothing.. Recently, their phone got disconnected and many other Authors are unhappy with them. One even plans to take action. I and a group of their victims are joining the fight against them. Luckily, the publishing company I edit for (Black Freighter Productions) is going to release it instead, along with other titles of mine. They know how to get the job done right and professionally. We already have gallies, (good) reviews (by some of the top respected in the industry) and pre-orders available for purchase.

The state of the economy affects everything including entertainment and book sales. Have you been affected? Has your writing been affected and/or influenced by the world and current times (past or present)?

Nah. Not really as of yet. I am afraid of this e-book crap taking over. I am honestly against the movement. It's the same as CGI (computer graphics) Special Effects or the burning of CDs or DVDs. I just don't see why someone would rather download something, rather than holding an original copy in their own hands and closer to their eyes, without their straining their vision with a computer monitor. I don't get it. I worked at Sam Goody for a while until the entire company went under and that's what put it out of business... Downloads of music and movies. Everyone is getting too lazy to go out and buy the items. Some say they can't afford it. Well, they have to pay for most of the downloads as well (unless they're pirated), so what's the difference, besides being able to pop in a CD, rather than listening to it off of a computer. What about those who cannot afford a computer or the net? A computer (plus the net) costs hundreds more than a CD, DVD or book. Where's the logic in that?

The small press and online magazines are folding faster than ever before. Good quality magazines are having a tough go of it, and their editors are trying to raise the money to send those quality publications to print. What do you think the future holds for the publishing world? Not just the big boy publishers, but small press and online magazines (ezines).

Well, speak of the digital devil..., hehe. Personally (and I mean no offense to anyone), I am all for in-print magazines. I know it costs much more, but I think there could be ways around it. I hope to see all on-line magazines in print someday. To me, e-zines and books (especially) are like the fetal stage. Give them a chance to be born into the physical world, even if by Print-On-Demand. Some magazines that have been around for ages, such as the legendary Fangoria, have nothing to worry about. They will always be around. These magazines also charge quite a bit for advertising, copies and other services, which keeps them alive and afloat. Maybe if e-zines started to do this as well, they could have enough funding to go into print. I'm not sure what to say about small press or independent publications. I guess most should get a good start and growth before reaching for the stars too soon. That would give them time to build up enough sells and funding to keep going once they venture into print.

Select three or four of your favorite pieces you've written and describe them in detail. What makes them special to you?

H(D)eadlines would probably be the first. It was my first born brainchild, so to say. It tells the story of a newspaper reporter (with a fixation and reputation for the macabre stories) named Howard Humble. He is the top reporter at The Daily Hope and everything is going swell for him. He has a loving wife, a nice home and a wonderful family life. He is soon put in charge of the paper once his boss retires (and immediately without warning, expires). From there, his leads start to drop and his career begins to head downhill by the help of a few jealous co-workers (and their own individual reasons). He then begins to stalk the streets at night and gather an obscured body count. The next day, he reports his own macabre work. This eventually gets him back on the top of the black and white totem pole. Soon, his family life starts to fall apart and he has flashbacks of his abusive father. He begins to repeat the cycle of family abuse on his wife and children. Inevitably, his home life is ripped to pieces. His son, Christopher, gets sent away for a while for a half intentional/ half self defensive incident in school. Years later, as Howard continues to kill, as his own family is stalked by the aged kid in which Christopher inflicted the lifelong handicap upon. He enters the home by going out with Howard's Daughter, Anne. Soon, he starts to copycat Howard's killing spree, not knowing that Howard is the killer, at the same time that he is plotting revenge on his family for his son's painful infliction. Howard and his wife start to practice the forbidden art of infidelity, which drives them further apart. Eventually, Howard gathers a padlocked shed in the backyard full of victims. To the group of captive victims, their situation becomes a fight for survival before their time and patience runs out on themselves and one another. Soon, Howard becomes a victim himself and starts to attend group meetings for murdered loved ones. As he attends the group, he picks off each member, one by one. No one knows he is the killer, but they do know that he is the reporter that is somewhat exploiting their family members' untimely demise on the front page of the paper (complete with pictures and somewhat subtly rude captions) This in itself infuriates them. The remaining group members form a vigilante mob to find the killer, which is a part of the mob and a grieving victim as well. I;m not going to give away the ending. Buy a copy and all shall be revealed. I want to experiment with as many different writing styles and forms as well. This one in particular is the one and only (so far) written in present tense. The reader is face-first in the action, instead of hearing the story told to them. Also, since this was my first, I wanted to show the virgin reader what I would be about in the future. I do not hold back on harshness, brutality, sickness or violence. I never intend to, if it has a secure place in the plot. Most will. This story includes murder, survival, revenge, necrophilia (the word "rape" is never mentioned and never will be in my stories. I think that is a cheap, over done way to shock. That's not what I'm about), romance, Drama, abuse, torture, suicide and much more. Also, the first review I received said, "Stephen King is my favorite Author and Jason gives him a run for his money... Includes Plot twists that stay intact the entire time. I am a fan." That almost made me piss myself.

Another one would be WITHOUT NOTICE: The Final Evictions of Graywall Monument. This is inspired by a friend of mine's previous situation and somewhat colorful imagination. Of course, I stretched the truth as much as I possibly could in every direction, to make it entertaining fiction. Another cool thing about it is how realistic it is. This could happen anywhere. I'm sure it actually has. The characters are very believable and were easy to come up with, because they were all based off of people I know (including myself). This is the story that is mostly a Mystery/ Suspense until you reach the final chapter. This story involves a woman named Amanda, who catches her soon to be husband in the act of cheating on her with her best friend. At the same time she finds out and is packing to leave for good, her terminally ill mother (and only parent left) dies. She is now all alone besides her three close friends. She moves into an apartment complex. Soon, the complex is the crime scene of a gruesome murder. One killing turns to several. There are no signs of forced entry on any of the victims' residents and the complex is left in shock and fear for their lives. Soon, the neighbors begin to blame Amanda for at least something to do with the murders. They think she is hiding something. All eyes turn to her. Most backs turn on her as well. Her friends are her only support as everything starts to fall apart before her very eyes. One of her closest friends vanish, leaving one to debate... Victim or killer? A little while afterwards, her ex boyfriend comes back into the picture, subtly stalking her. The apartment gets twenty four hour security patrolling the premises, and the killings cease for a few months. The complex changes the name to start a new beginning and wipe away the painful memories. Shortly afterwards, the killings resurface... Right under the police force's noses. Amanda then starts to receive pictures of her sleeping, taken from inside of the apartment. Eventually, Amanda becomes cornered in her apartment on the last night of her lease (and another apartment already reserved). The police continue to circle the building, unaware of the depraved horror that is unfolding behind Amanda's closed door. Her Uncle buys her electric home security devices that are used as shocking tools of torture against her. The story turns from Mystery Suspense, to Suspense/ Horror and depravity.

Another one would be The Thirteenth Toll of Twelve Dark Chimes. This (as mentioned prior) will be released in two separate chap books. Part/ book two is called The Thirteenth Toll of Twelve Dark Chimes: Terminal Intrusion. I wanted to go for a trilogy, but one would have to be below a hundred pages, and I don't want that. This story is another one based on true events and stretched into outer limits of Fiction. It is based on my house, which is proven haunted on audio. At the end of the second book, there will be a way to order the CD for proof of authenticity. Myself and an ex- girlfriend also heard voices without a tape recorder and saw little light dots flying around the living room. I knew the house had something in it from the first night of staying here. I hear things constantly and items move or come up missing. I found out that the man that owned the house died in the back room. I found a ghost hunting couple that came over with equipment, which is how we produced the recordings. The voices that we found, sounds that I hear, moving objects and lights are the only facts in the book. The rest is pure Horror/ Paranormal Fiction, possession, intercourse from the other side and a house built upon purely evil grounds. I live in Texas, but the story is set in New Orleans. After a traumatic experience in New York City with the mother (Lacy Norwell), the Norwell family moves down south to New Orleans, Louisiana. They eventually find their dream home by a perverted real estate agent that has his sights on the daughter. He wires the home with cameras and spy equipment (also based on an actual event, with a neighbor and long time friend of the victim... also in Louisiana). The daughter, Sarah, is admired by most that lays eyes on her. She has jealous harassments by the rejected and unsettling advances by the real estate agent, Danny Ludwig. This eventually includes (along with her mother) harassments and advances by the policemen that the family calls to protect them. Every night at midnight (as the grandfather clock strikes twelve), the electricity goes out and every phone in the house ( including cells) start to mysteriously ring. They go from simultaneous, normal rings... to off beat and different toned. Each member of the home is possessed or spiritually entered in one way or another. The father of the home, Kent dies in his sleep, leaving the mother, son (Nathan) and Sarah on their own (besides Sara's new live-in boyfriend, Lucas). Even though Kent has left his family he still remains in the home, but he is not himself. Lacy starts to lose her mind and ability to sleep. This leads her to a shocking favor to ask of her daughter. The evil history of the home unfolds throughout the story. There are many haunting factors. The home itself plays as a main character of the story. In the end, only the impure remain.

The other writing closest to my heart of Horror is my agented screenplay, 112 Ocean Avenue. The reason for this is because the Original Amityville Horror (along with the film The Town That Dreaded Sundown and the Television series, Dark Shadows) is what got me into Horror at literally a year old. I saw The Amityville Horror when I was three, upon its television release. If this gets purchased by a major Hollywood production company or film maker, it would be an absolute dream come true. I am aiming for theatrical distribution only. Some of the music within the film will be quite expensive to receive the rights. 112 Ocean Avenue tells the true story of the Defeo family. They have an abusive father, Ronald Sr., a defiant, LSD using daughter, Dawn and finally, the drug using, gun collecting (and defiant as well) prostitute monger eldest son... Ronnie "Butch" Defeo Jr. The story unfolds as the family is engulfed in drama, violence, theft and eventually a family of five murdered as they slept. The assailant ( I won't give it away for those that do not know the story) says voices in his head told him to kill the family. His story changes many times, just as it continues to today. Unlike the original Amityville Horror, this script is based on nothing but one hundred percent proven fact. Police files, research and news footage are the basis of the story. Absolutely nothing is made up. I think it is time the true story behind the "most haunted house in America" is finally told. Serious inquiries only go to to purchase through solicitation or the address I have left on question 14 to see the script and purchase it directly from myself. I also have two other screenplays seeking representation... A sequel to Stephen King's/ John Carpenter's Christine (II: Immortal Fury) and a television series called Sanitarium.

What projects are you working on now?

I am working on two under my name and two under a pen name that I shall not reveal. The first under my name is called Twisted Atlas to the State of Delusion. It is about a man named Maxwell that his hit in the back of the head while witnessing a brutal crime. He goes into a coma for years and returns to a wife and two daughters that have practically disowned him. They show him their feelings by showing no sympathy for his condition. He begins to get lost in his own head as he loses his mind as well. He visually hallucinates, talks to images of himself, his inner voice and his own thoughts as they are verbally displayed. At the same time, he can hear others' thoughts out loud as they taunt and poke fun at him. He knows his wife, Jennifer is cheating on him and is pressured by his image and verbal thoughts to kill her. They expand their murderous horizons to his entire family as well. He still sees his last night as a normal human being as if he were watching it unfold in third person along with many people who do not exist.

The other one is called Welcome to Endsville- Population: Zero. This novel was inspired by half fact, half Fiction. I drew the inspiration from the recent passing of the assisted suicide law in Washington (the fact) and the cult classic film starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, Heathers (the Fiction). It takes place in the small populated town of Friendsville, South Dakota. The town is small, compressed and everyone knows one another as if they are related. There is one of every major store, two schools (elementary/ Jr. High and High school) and the prominent landmark and industry of the town, which also employs most that do not work at the above mentioned is a refinery. Everything is peaceful in Friendsville, with the occasional drama that comes along with any small town. For the most part, everyone gets along. One day, the dominant refinery of the town has a harmful chemical leak. The city officials do not realize the severity of the situation. Slowly but surely (and painfully), the entire town is effected with the spreading infection. Children become sick and some deformed and eventually, their parents and everyone else follows. The town watches as their family members and neighbors begin to eventually rot with sickness from the inside out. They have no other choice but to request medical and governmental assisted suicide. A petition is formed and sent to the state officials only to be denied. Soon after, the residents take matters into their own hands. A toxic induced hell breaks out in the small and once peaceful town. The now melting minds of the residents go to extremes before the violent grand finale of revolt towards the state.

On a side note, I also have a completed, agent represented Non-Fiction book called ... With the BANNED: A Complete Guide To Everything Banned in the United States and Around the World. This can either be used as a parental guide or a reference book for the collector of the things they don't want you to see. It covers books, cartoons, movies, games, clothing, music and much more.

Where do you see yourself going as an artist?

I am aiming as high as I can get. I still do Special Effects and make t-shirts as well. I want to be known as a well rounded Artist (except for drawing, which I can not do). I hope to have over thirty books under my writing belt within the next three decades (collective as a Writer and Editor). At the rate I've been moving so far, it's possible. Special Effects wise, I want to work on as many films as I possibly can. Unfortunately, film production is few and far between where I live. Hopefully, I will travel and work on more.

Are you active in an online writing community? If so, at which websites? Do you have a website that our readers can visit?

I am in a sense. I just don't have any stories posted on-line for public viewing. There are all reserved to appear in print form. I hope to afford a .com page soon. If you google my name, my pages will pop up. My myspace page is the main contact page for now. The address is

Those interested in reading or purchasing 112 Ocean Avenue, please contact me there. Everyone else, send me a friends request. The macabre awaits you.

Is there anything else we should know about you?

Yeas. The first book I edited, Moral Horror (featuring Edgar Allan Poe, Jack London and many others) is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER at amazon, barnes&noble, books-a-million, Borders, Powells, Target, Towerbooks, and wherever books are sold on-line. It will be released on October 1st (less than a month) in book stores everywhere. Please pick up a copy.

Also, look for H(D)eadlines and The Thirteenth Toll of Twelve Dark Chimes books I and II: Terminal Intrusion, coming to bookstores next year(along with the titles mentioned above). Many more to come. Thank you for reading and thank you, Liquid Imagination, for this interview... and check out my articles and horror movie, magazine and book reviews at under the name "Jay Alan."

I hope to see you soon at a signing.

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"Some of the material is depraved as hell."-

"Moral Horror is a teeth-gnashing spectacle of horror and gore that would make any gore hound squirm."- Shriekfreak Quarterly

"Each of the eight stories presented in Moral Horror bring us into the darkest depths of human thought and bring out the basest emotions that lie dormant inside each of us... The stories within are gruesome and terrifying."- Ben Eads, Horror Author

"Not sure what's 'moral' or 'virtuous' about these stories, but if literary depravity's your cup of tea, this is a steaming potful."-Mara Leveritt, #1 Best Selling Author of The Devil's Knot and The Boys on the Tracks/ Editor, The Arkansas Times

"This anthology is essentially a testament; chronicling the beast within all humans."- The Dark Fiction Spotlight


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