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Poetry by Elizabeth Mattheis

In Silence and Shadow

Free me from this rage no more
A calling, ceaseless wit
Reign of silver, patterns etched
Upon this scroll, so writ

And emblems of a thoughtless life
Traced through dust and time
The scent of burning, choking forth
For lies and malice, thine

In the lost lands of perdition's flame
Where tumult reigns in fire
A wretch'd upheaval, weeping black
Bound to thy burning pyre

And doth the venom in thy blood
Reap the flowers of the dead?
And doth the sickness of thy soul
Breed this darkness in my head?

Elizabeth Mattheis

To the Last

Oh shadow's fickle, flickering flight
On which the wind endures
Hands, so cold, hushed hands of ice
On mine mournful, sodden grave
And why, why do the bones endure?
Last cursings, reek of cold
For death, his silvery key unlocks
Lost tales of silent tongues

Elizabeth Mattheis