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Poetry by Arthur Crow

In A Sky of Kings

Rebirth beseeches me,
For I have broken that which
cannot be broken
Lady of the lake,
bless me with thy love,
take my shattered blade Excalibur
and restore my heart

We ride one more time…
across the dead lands to
smote shadows of past misdeeds
and unlock the secrets of the sun
"Merlin, where are you my old friend?
I need you now more than I ever have"
~ I see you only in my dreams
I am haunted by a mist that weeps
and surrounded by a love
that is not

Deeply I gaze into the hallowed
river of the gloaming…
~ Hear me my dear Queen,
"Thou art heavenly clad in velvet starlight"
~ My ache beset in stone whispers
in the fragrance of our memories
The Holy Grail is in my grasp…
My honor unto thee
Guinevere — and the land to
which I belong, shall rise with
the coming dawn

For nine days I fought,
and the forest cried as men were lost
until the moon beckoned
Upon a barren landscape
silence crept against a crimson dawn
— Weary my eyes and spent my breath,
I smile…
As the magick of Excalibur
ebbs in the sky of kings,
my body floats to Avalon,
to become legend
of tomorrow

Arthur Crow

Night of the Violin

Seek you me in a grave shallow,
bleeding upon a blade of rusted steel
The mood of a rose ascends beyond ether
caressing souls in skies hoary

From the pitch of solitude she appears,
dark hair soaking upon winds quiver
(violin weeping in the dew of nocturnal sunrise)
As the moon whispers in twilight's fall
my thoughts swirl into a halo of numb reverie
Entranced in the gloaming of her love —
dripping within the lotus of her serenade
Beset in eyes of jade,
drowning in sensual delight
Seduced in a gothic sky

Deepest gaze unleashed into my soul;
she weaves a spell of turquoise feather
her violin brushes my skin in dreamy hues
Evanescent in spectral shards of solemn rains
my thoughts swoon in burning juniper
Servant to the epitome of her will
basking in the shadows of her mind
kissed in the aura of sweet sorrow;
untold love begins to flow

Embroidered in the ballet of night's fall
violins seethe in star-clustered valleys
like a burning choir of lonely spirits
My thirst blushes in a sea of euphoria
as I drift upon the breath of her violin
In an opus of lust my soul wails over the
migration of crimson arrows
~So beautiful; her dark sings…
My blood aches in the mists
of her passion

She stands over me, shimmering
like a haunting dream
Upon dreary stone the violin plays;
notes making love in my dead soul
The jewels of a forgotten kiss withers in
luscious melancholy…
The fate of this night will I adorn
From this grave I shall rise,
for my place of solace awaits
— the nectar of your lips

Arthur Crow

Legends of The Dark Priesthood

In the dawn of shadow-fire,
a Raven king dreams…

Over solemn ground winds of fate begin to wail;
seduced by the nocturnal rapture of a primeval spell
Acheronian dreams draped over nocuous splendor
—Living nightmares forged in prophecies of hell

Like a black tide they rose up from the netherworld;
a chilling symphony of screams shattering the skies
~ They are the Legends of the Dark Priesthood
Suspended in arrowed-twilight, their fury cries

Whispering shadows bleed upon twisted branches
—A chilling fable glistening in an opus of death
Dark priests fuse night's accent with lucid odium
Ravenous apparitions seek thy last breath!

Spirits of the dead wither over hallowed waters,
as gothic voices cold-stream into mortal veins
Humanity staggers in a haze of esoteric requiem
Winged priests swarm down like black rain

Midnight crusades undress the solace of oblivion
Crimson sentinels swoon over mountains vast
Weeping Angels dissolve into the gloaming…
Thoughts of a befallen sun shall be their last

The moon falls in waves of acrid delirium
Seething in fields of wilting roses shadows feed
An exodus of black feathers graze winter's poise
In the pitch of darkness, I shall forever bleed

Saturnine dreams ebb in mists of bloodlust
Corvid eyes flicker in the heart of human fears
Echoes of stone linger in the aura of sacrifice
Poisoned alchemy rises in celestial tears

O' dark is my love seeking rivers dreary
Vanquished gods hallucinate in velvet decay
The pages of life burn in a shivering halo
Clad in Legend — immortal wings of prey

Arthur Crow

Oceans of Delirium

In the mists of quietude,
I will fold the horizons
to bring you closer to my arms

Whispers of euphoria
begin to stir in oceanic rhythms
caressing the space between our lips
Each day I dream deeper
as I fall further… into bliss;
into thoughts of you

Every kiss I blow towards you drifts
like a myriad of small ships sailing
each night under starry light towards
your lips, begging to fall deep into your
skin and drown in your body…
I lay hypnotized in the tapestry
of satin winds saturated in brushed
silence of empyrean love spells,
dressed only in the light of the moon

Bathed in indigo,
unconscious in her beauty~
feasting in Love's tempest,
unfolding in a nebula of passion

Thru opal-fields I staggered in the ethos
of sunsets as your aura bequeaths my heart
in the mystique of your universe
Helplessly, I walk under your velvet
sky clad in the hunger of
valentine rain

Lucid in delirium
I cast my love into ethereal seas,
adrift in the nectar of your soul
where my ache bellows deep
for your kiss

Arthur Crow

Gothic Poison

Upon clandestine fires of a midnight sky
the world of forbidding awaits the dead
We chant for our blood in Winter fields
In the feasts of the burning, I will be fed

As carmine-lovers bewail upon dark rivers
the sojourn of thorns breathes in your soul
Covet my love in the eclipse of sangomancy
in cursed lullabies you will ache to be whole

Voiceless echoes rasp over stony graves,
drifting in the requiem of a dethroned sky
If you weep thy bloodlust upon my shadow,
I will drink every solemn tear that you cry

Silence broods in the dreary mists of forever;
in courtyards and demon portraits that seek
Within gardens covered in moss and decay,
the song of gothic poison will take the weak

Spirits of the dead linger in broken twilight
The winds of Samhain rush through my veins
Griffins take flight in acid-shot dreamscapes
I will take you into the realm of scarlet rains

Ebon roses bloom upon spires of melancholy;
the legacy of sorrow will become our haven
Stagnant clouds liquefy over cobble pathways
under a waning moon, you will see the raven

Within the jeweled-flames of a Dragons rage,
dark priests carry the lanterns of gothic lore
Glistening ivy hastens upon gloomy walls;
children and widows shall soon be no more

~In this darkness there can be no light or love
within tomorrow there is only death and spite
In the shadows of gnarled trees I wait for you
Upon a gothic dawn, blood will be my rite

Arthur Crow