Kyra by Shanna Hale
The Magnificent Maggot Face by N J Buchanan
Pink Clouds In The Morning by Annemarie Bogart
The Dark Man by Shane McKenzie
Wishing Well by Bernie Mojzes
The Spirit of Nationalism by Richard Marsden
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Stories, yuck. Fancy words. Gwern likes blood. Lots and lots of blood. Only stories here. Story about Kyra, cat lady shreds bad guys with teeth, but no blood. And a maggoty faced guy. Thunderstorms stealing bodies. Me want blood gushing from ripping good guys heads off. Only icky, oozy imm-age-in-ay-shun here.

Ah, a dark man sticks knife in, guts and blood. Yeah. Gwern like. But he stick bad guy. Why not kill goody-goody guy? And a well? No blood in well. Oooo, war story, but still no blood. Why no blood in war? Gwern thinks stories no good without blood. Gwern say don't read them. Gwern more unhappy with stupid muse lady who tell people to write these stories.