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Illustration by Sir John Tenniel, first published in Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll, 1871

Drenching Rains

Each hard drop shimmers pearl gray,
spills on earth as if some god's lachrymosity,

splashes ground transformed to little trolls.
They coalesce in puddles — 

muddied runoff ogre'ing fog enshrouded
brook meandering

through the woods —  this rill of liquid
monsters —  seeping into dirt

umbrella'd by the Trillium,
variegated and palmate green.

Over forest floor, into the roots,
the water spirits of the trolls absorb:

Up and through each stem —  the xylem
and the phloem —  into every leafy cell

they flow, diffuse their evil. Transfigure
into jabberwocky woods to terrorize the gnomes.

But do the changling trolls know
their unsuspecting prey

come armed with vorpal swords today?
They will quench the drenching rains.

                   by John C. Mannone