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Trolling The Grounds

you ask your mind what you saw

wrapped and wisped

our skin like clay

fingers grubbing for ground

but caking off, crumbling

confused for dirt

in debris, in destruction

as our forests fall down

flaking up as fields

imploding on themselves

so went our identity; the name

troll; gnome; faerie

melded with inertia

kinetic interpretations kick

us into elemental slavedom

a pine needle drops

I've shifted forms

you see my thick lock

frayed and bulbous

like a mohawk in natural form

swaying swiftly on the wind currents

in your peripheral

but the green sparkling leaves

dart dull strokes like a drug

drifting through the air

with magick when you turn

"turn into a magician's spell"

shout the winds

every whisper molds

my race into another mass

folding, crumpling

cradling creations

with our bodies

your keys, your jewels

your cookie crumbs

spin into my tornado grasp

keeping me connected

in the shaded overgrowths

seldom visited by your kind

pulled into the ground

when nature's demands

sigh ''be whole''

we project our dispersing despair

at your dwindling minds

scattering in the remains

of the treasures you think you've lost

we bury them in our troves

and troll your mental crevices

for burrowing spots

and defenses we secretly borrow

hidden from the hurling trolls of nature's grip.

                   by Siri Mera Kaur