Trroooolllllsss. Gwern King of Trolls. See my picture. Me very handsome. Me made page just for us. Muse lady no come here. Here blood and guts and no one tell Gwern to be nice.

Look over there. Revenge. Them people killed our trow princess. We kill them. Gwern likes. And a campfire story. Scare children. Good story.

And see, kid troll steals a faery's tooth. He earn gold tooth but Gwern not know why he give mother gold. Mother no earn gold. Humans shouldn't raise trolls, them ruin trolls, make trolls too nice.

Witch's troll beat up and chased. Gwern no like lady throwing things at troll. Gwern wants lady to blow herself up, spew blood all over forest.

But what's this? Poems? Gwern no like poems. All touchy feely. Yuck. Why muse lady put poems here, ruin whole page. Gwern say don't look. Poems too good for you humans to read.

Troll Artwork by Christine Graham

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WINNING STORY: March of the Trows by AJ Brown

A Story for the Campfire by Chris Bartholomew

The Faeries Tooth by Mark Wolf

The Witch's Troll by Sue Babcock

WINNING POEM: Drenching Rains by John C. Mannone

Trolling the Ground by Siri Mera Kaur