The Suspended Origin of Music on Liquid Imagination
by Brandon L. Rucker

Beginning with this fabulous fifth issue of the Liquid Imagination webzine, our featured poems will now be accompanied by original musical interpretations by yours truly. This artistic fusion is yet another accomplishment in Liquid Imagination's mission to bring various art forms together and meld them into one huge melting pot so that they create an all new art form through this amazing synergy.

However, the play that was drawn up to make original music on LI a reality was not an instant slam dunk. This is evident in the behind-the-scenes details I am sharing with you all here.

The following conversation between Publisher John "JAM" Arthur Miller and I (with a cameo by Fiction Editor Kevin Wallis), did actually occur and had been archived in JAM's private web office at the Zoetrope Virtual (online) Studio for well over a year, unbeknownst to us, of course.

* * *

Oct 19, 2008

JAM: But then I've been thinking of other things. Adding music to the mix. You see, the whole concept behind Liquid Imagination is combining two art forms: the art of the painter's brush along with the art of the poet's soul, or the art of the author's words, creating a new art form.

But what if music was involved? New music? New Age stuff, hip/hop, hard rock, classical innovations. What if we could link a new work to each song? And what if the artist who created that music had a link to his own personal website, and had available a CD with the music for sale?

Anyway, it's just a thought. Melding three art forms instead of just two.

KW: Yeah, I remember mentioning the music angle awhile ago. I always thought that would be cool. I have no idea how to make it happen, but keep me informed.

JAM: If we had NEW songs, we could have one of those playable things. I remember when you were drinking with your buddy, and you emailed me. AWESOME IDEA, Kevin!!!!

BLR: Well, as a musician I can agree that there's always room for music somewhere, anywhere. :-) This sounds like a helluva concept. Good luck with it . . . I can't even imagine the logistics of such an awesome high concept.

JAM: I think we'll add music sometime.

* * *

Oct 25, 2008

BLR: Liquid Imagination looks pretty good. I also dig the fact that the first issue came out on my birthday. :-)

JAM: Omens and portents. It surely is destiny. ;-)

* * *

In an email dated Oct 25, 2008, I wrote these parting words to JAM, which could have easily been our last communication ever: I'm sure I will see you around elsewhere. Thankfully, they were not.

Fourteen months later, on December 1, 2009, JAM contacted me via email to, firstly, pile on enough kind words to make a grown man blush, and secondly, to discuss the possibility of merging my music-making abilities with the featured poetry published in the Liquid Imagination webzine. He had read my bio. He saw that I had spent over half my life playing music in various underground bands, and had evolved into something like a one-man musical franchise of sorts, composing, performing, recording and releasing my own original music all over the web as well as on CD.

Ultimately I was asked to join Liquid Imagination's amazing staff as the Music Composer/Coordinator. What a wonderful journey it has been thus far. I am truly honored and grateful for this opportunity. And this is only the beginning. We're going to continue to do fantastic things here.

* * *

For more on the synergy of music + poetry at Liquid Imagination, please read my article, The Synergy of Poetry and Music

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