First of all, if you're still here after the previous 4 issues, we at Liquid Imagination thank you! You're the reason we do what we do! Keep coming back and we'll keep throwing the best fiction, poetry and art we can at you.

Fiction, poetry and art? Is that all, you might ask. Well, no. This issue, we are thrilled to introduce to you the addition of sound. First, the powers that be discovered Robert C. Eccles, news radio voice extraordinaire. By bribing him with some pretty flowers and a box of Pringles (along with a few virgin sacrifices, but that's neither here nor there,) he agreed to read this month's fiction. Yes, just click on the prompt above each story and the golden voice of Mr. Eccles will float from your computer, spin around your flabbergasted head for a few moments, and bury itself into your ear holes.

But you might ask, why? Can I not read? Are you implying I'm a dunce? Of course not, although Sophia has been known to drop a dunce-bomb on unsuspecting readers from time to time. But consider this - you are dying to delve into this month's batch of top-notch fiction, but your house is a mess, the kids need dinner, and the dog just mistook your living room carpet for the backyard grass. What do you do? Ignore your yearning for the arts? Negative. Disregard your wailing children and allow the dog mess to sit until it grows legs and walks away on its own? No, although that would be really cool. What you do is take care of your family, but first you click on the aforementioned prompt and listen to Mr. Eccles take you to the wonderful and terrifying worlds our authors have created this month. Everybody wins.

But audio narration is only one incarnation of sound we bring to you this month. For the poetry lovers, we have Brandon L. Rucker (no relation to Hootie's Darius Rucker, or so he claims) playing his own unique style of soul-stirring music as you click on the poem of choice. This man sings, plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and probably the didgeridoo, although this is just an assumption. I've heard he can also strum a mean washboard. But one thing is certain, his original compositions will enhance your appreciation and pleasure as you read through this month's poetry and gaze at the accompanying art.

Which brings me to the art. This month, LI is absolutely thrilled to introduce Jack S. Rogers, our very own LI artist. He has discovered the essence of each story and created an original work of art that will grab you by the eyeballs, thrusting you into the story so deeply you will feel one with the words, an extension of the writer's vision. Each story breathes deeper, touches you more intimately, for the artwork created especially for them by Mr. Rogers.

So turn the cyber-page and relax. We hope you enjoy the new and improved Liquid Imagination.



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