May 31, 2010 


We’re humans. We want it all. We want laughter, and love, and heartfelt grief. We want old fashion stories and cutting edge science fiction.

You can find it all here. Our fiction editor, Kevin Wallis, and our poetry editor, Chrissy Davis, outdid themselves with selections that broke my heart, made me cry, made me mad or made me laugh. And sometimes all four at once.

Check out the eight speculative fiction stories, the eight pages of poetry, and, brand new this issue, the two literary stories.

I love the speculative stories, and hope you do to. There’s humor and humanity all mixed together. Read what “JAM” has to say about the stories and about our extraordinary fiction editor. And the poetry – wow! – dreams and death. Chrissy selected poems that shock me to the core as I developed the webpages and sought out the art for them.

For our newest effort, JAM and I were in charge of selecting literary stories. What do we mean by literary? I like the word transcendency, used by agent and author Noah Lukeman.

As we strive for transcendency, we expand our characters to be multi-demensional, our stories to be timeless and relatable. We search for self-discovery, for by discovering our core, we discover what makes us feel, and by feeling, we bring so much more to our stories.

And this is what we’re seeking in our literary story. The intensity of feeling, the complexity of multi-dimensional characters and plot. In the two stories selected for this issue, one by Leslie Lee and the other by Rebecca Anne Renner, we found this transcendency. I hope you enjoy these stories, and all the stories and poems in this Issue 6 of Liquid Imagination.

# Sue #





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