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Three days ago I died

You think I should be
Disheartened by this

Shattered even

And I am

To a degree

I do not take joy in bringing
Such sorrow to my loved ones
Or robbing my enemies
Of the opportunity to destroy me

Yet, I cannot seem to feel
Sorry for myself
Nor mourn the fact that I am



Passing on

After all
It is quite a relief to finally put an end
To the awful pain and suffering
I endured before Death claimed me
On merciful wings as one of its own

I simply choose to accept this
As a new beginning
I embrace it as a new challenge
For I have a great deal to look forward to

You see, death is not just an ending
It is a beginning as well

I am quite certain
I will meet the powers-that-be
Somewhere on my transcendental tour



Poetry by Brandon Rucker

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