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Our mission is to publish a wide variety of art, creating visually stimulating publications of the highest quality that combine many artistic avenues, including graphic and digital art as well as traditional illustrations and paintings; speculative and literary fiction, micro-fiction and poetry; music and audio works; digital poetry and digital flash fiction; and other artistic forms. The publication of these convergent arts will also support our mission of advancing the education about and research of autism. Our books, DVD, online magazines and other media combine two or more art forms to create new hybridized art, augmenting traditional art with new technologies. Serving the art community and the autism community, and promoting quality artists are keystones for our company.

January 2011


by John "JAM" Arthur Miller

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If you know anything about Liquid Imagination Online, you know how important dreams are to us. Especially the two dreams responsible for our existence. Dreams are the stuff of legend and literature. Whether it's realistic or surreal, nightmare or fantasy, the emotional truth behind dreams gnaw at our minds.

Private dreams become public dreams, which then become myth. It's even possible that the two dreams that started Liquid Imagination Online will one day become a myth.

Don't be skeptical; even Orion first walked Earth before he hunted the celestial skies.

Orion first had to dream to be something more than a terrestrial hunter, and he had to let others know his dream. Dreams bleed forth into myths only when they are public. Orion became the Dream before he became the constellation; you must become the dream before you become the Myth.

At Liquid Imagination Online, we are announcing our dreams: we desire to create one unified form of art by combining multiple artistic forms and media. We want you to share our dream, to join in the art of our stellar contributors.

Remember the Hunter of the Skies? Just as Orion hunted here on earth first, we at Liquid Imagination Online are presently hunting—looking for that special piece of art. And we found enough to fill the celestial skies.

Within this issue you will find a mythological being discovered by an adventurer who tries to use a welding torch to free the imagination. You will discover a woman who needs to reach the heavens before it's too late. Within this issue are poems that deal with the boogeyman and gingerbread man, both of whom have permeated the phantasm of creative expression for centuries, until both dance brazen throughout myth.

Carl Jung said, "Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." Our contributors have looked inside their hearts, have developed their "art" from their very souls, and because of this their contribution will bring you, the reader, into a wakefulness crafted from dreamlike qualities.

There are dreams inside this issue of Liquid Imagination Online. There are the frank pieces of wordsmithed art by Bob Thurber, who has won 40 awards and citations. Dreams emanate from our new micro-fiction editor Brandon Rucker. Desires ripple outward from Kevin Wallis, Senior Editor of Speculative Fiction (whose chapbook Beneath the Surface of Things has won critical acclaim) and from Jack Rogers, who provides provocative illustrations. There are dreams and desires from us all. Each of our dreams form like ripples in a pond, and these ripples combine and morph into a mindset that transforms into a theme for each issue.

Today, the lesser Orions (editors, voice talent and artists) of Liquid Imagination Online hunt terrestrially. Tomorrow we hope the concept of liquid imagination shines like a constellation in the heavens, so that everyone may one day look up and behold our definition of unified art—our name. We are sure that many of the contributors within these pages will become megastars. As foolish as dreams sometimes sound, we believe all great success-stories begin with dreams, and all great myths require people catching onto one small dream:

Liquid Imagination.


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