Where Reality and Fantasy Blur

  Issue 8, January 2011

Grave Invitation *
By Bob Thurber

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Death wore an overcoat to my mother's funeral. He wore a Russian-style hat with fur flaps turned down, a red scarf, and fuzzy green mittens. A heavy snow slanted down on the wind. Behind us on the hill the entire procession sat waiting in steaming cars.

"How long you staying," I asked Death.

The wind changed direction, whipping snow against my face.

I said, "We have food and drink in a nice rented hall. It's not much. Chicken and ham salad. Assorted cheeses with crackers, pickles, olives. Some sliced fruit. You're welcome to join us," I said.

I waited for Death to make up his mind.

After a good long while my wife trudged down the hill, her scarf streaming like a banner.

"Don't do this to yourself," she said.


*  Digital Microfiction is an extrapolation of Digital Poetry, which is defined by it's multi-media content that includes audio. visual and words. We hope you enjoy this presentation of Bob Thurber's excellent microfiction "Grave Invitation."

BIO: Bob Thurber worked at writing every day for 20 years before attempting to publish. After over 200 hundred publishing credits later he is the recipient of 40 Awards & citations, including The Barry Hannah Fiction Prize. His first novel Paperboy will be released in May 2011 by Casperian Books. Learn more about Bob Thurber, his novel and his various short fictions at bobthurber.net.

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