Volume 1, Issue No. 3
In this issue...
Liquid Imagination
This is where Senior Editor Kevin Wallis talks about
Liquid Imagination getting UGLY!  Are there stories with
graphic sexual nature in this issue?  Yes!  Are there
stories with graphic violence?  Yes!  Does this issue hit
hard and fast, right between the eyes?  Yes!

You got a problem with that?
Everyone has a muse. Whether you live to tell tales or
can’t form a coherent paragraph to avoid that gun at
your head, everyone has an inner voice that forever
whispers sweet somethings into your ears.

You usually listen, don’t you? When your muse sings to
you, promises that the beautiful lady at the bar, the
dashing gentleman across the aisle, is indeed returning
your interest, you listen. When you stay your hand a
half-second before slamming the car door, with your
keys and child locked inside, it is your muse who lent
you the foresight. They are like angels that way.
Our faithful readers will know our muse. She is Sophia. Perhaps you’ve seen her
gracing these pages, inviting you into her world with sultry eyes, wearing her
python like a lover’s arm. But sometimes, like us all, she likes to play in the dark.
When the lights go out in the bowels of the night, when you flip the switch but all
the bulbs are broken, that creaking you hear is Sophia, stretching her sinewy
limbs, preparing for the coming mischief.

Maybe she’ll build a bonfire and seek out trolls with whom to dance. She may
engage in round after gasping round of lustful play. She will walk away smiling; her
mates, scarred.

Yet there is purpose to her dark side. She touches you with fingers of fire in hopes
the flame will burn you awake to the truths around you. Like our featured writers
this issue, you will follow her to Hell, then witness Heaven on the other side.

So this month we give you stories of darkness. Ugly stories. Avarice from a
supposed loved one works its poison on an innocent child. A man of sinful seduction
gives in to his cravings one more time - one last, deadly time. A woman follows
her own muse to find happiness, but the laws of her heart must bow before the
laws of man. And a musician’s sexual depravity leads to . . . well, perhaps that tale
should be read for itself.

Yes, Sophia’s dark side touched us all this issue, and she will touch you as well.
She will grab you by the hair, wrench back your head until her eyes absorb your
own, then knock you to your knees. But in the end, you will rise. Because once she
melts away the icy shell of your darkest secrets, only liquid imagination remains.
Liquid Imagination Staff (and contributing editors)

Owner John "JAM" Arthur Miller
Sr. Editor of Fiction Kevin Wallis
Poetry Editor Chrissy Davis
Director and Managing Editor of Non-Fiction Sue Babcock
Guest Editor for "American Zoetrope" and "We Promote"
Shaun Ryan